Friday, August 26, 2016

Value and Price - What is the Value


I've been away.  Facebook sucked me in.  I am going to need Intervention to give it up or cut back.

But I like posting.  So ... Time to Feed my blogs.

I have a really sweet boat.  I think it is valuable.  It is to me.  It has been valuable to my family.  It is charming and has plenty of livability and function.  We have had many great vacations together.

There is this one that has about the same function...  And Size.  And is Diesel.   (or google Maritimo Mustang 32 if link breaks)
or this Cutwater (

This thing is priced so high...  And the features are sweet.  But I have more fuel.  More range. More fish ability. Sleep just as many folks.  Better galley. Similar on the head.  It does have a better shower space in there but does the same shower feature.

So... What is Value.

The usable end result is the real value.  The many good times.  The enjoyment of the time on the water with friends and guests. That is the high value items.

So my boat at maybe 20% of that $312,000 price is just my way of getting a good price on a really valuable experience.  Or a $200,000 savings from the Cutwater.

Recently I drove my boat across the marina to take my lady to dinner. She made us feel great.

Here she is docked at the restaurant. My little Uniflite 32SS ( Super Sport )

This boat is super high fun/joy/value to me!


Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Possible woman president

Hillary Clinton - story in the news worth taking note of...

Liberal reporter talking about her obituary.  He writes: "she may have been glamorous as secretary of state but didn't actually accomplish much."  Other than talking about woman's rights at the U N etc.

And he writes: "When politicians have trouble spinning their own glories, that’s a problem."

Nope.  Not really the type of endorsements needed while your White House bound in here.

"...she may have grander dreams about how her obituary should begin."

Lets see if it starts off with 45th President and first woman president or Wife of the 42nd President and First woman candidate for President. Also Secretary of State and a Senator from New York even though she never actually lived there until...

Either way a fantastic accomplishment.  But is she able to actually lead and succeed once elected?  A really hard question.  N matter if you are a liberal progressive and blinded by party loyalty.  This question matters.

Yes it matters to the conservative too.  It is a real possibility that she may win the top post of the land.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Weekend on the water... Going to Church

I did go to church. ( Sort of )

From a Facebook post:
Out on Sunday to my version of church. The Church of the Great Outdoors. And I sampled the blood and the flesh of the natural host of gods blessings and bounty. We shared the beauty and wonder of gods handiwork. Really amazing up close experience of gods hand. We had a 12 to 14 foot shark come up and show it's self on one kelp paddy. We all experienced the Awe and Beauty of our lords work. We got close and paced along side of it for a beautiful moment of appreciation and wonder.

When I say a blessing over this fishes' gift of dorado fillets I will praise the lord, our god, for his blessings.  Then I'll likely toast the good cooking talents of Carolene.  And cherish the joyous gathering of friends and family.  So happy to be able to make this mahi mahi our feast.

An overview:

The trip was a two day run out to the marlin grounds (172 & 125) with Matt and Carolene and myself.  Just a casual boat run and fun fishing.  Checked out all the systems and rigging and all that.  I'm happy to say all is ready!

We had a lovely stay overnight at Cat Harbor.  We hung out on the outside anchorage.  We had lots of fine company of big boats around us.  Even got a gift offer of some bait.  (Thank you Marshal)

After we got the Dorado to bite we got to share the paddy with Good Vibrations.  It was a good paddy holding fish... But a big shark came up and shut down the bite.

I now think the big fish that came up was a hammer head shark.  I did not recognize the fin.  I had a small bite taken out of my Dorado before we got it.  I think it had the bite before I hooked it.  But there are reports of big hammer head sharks in the area due to this big El Nino year.

We took our time on the return. We saved on fuel and had a most pleasant return voyage.  Our trip landed us one big quality fish.  Our time in the harbor yealded some bait and a few fun Calico's to catch and release too.  But our target/goal was to scout for marlin and to test out all the gear/systems.

A very successful weekend.

Happy to have

Friday, August 22, 2014

Halibut sex details - questions needing answers

What Sex is that Halibut?  Do you think Halibut are Sexy?

Do they have sex issues?  Cross gender confusion?

Thank goodness that Lia Protopapadakis wants to know all about the sex lives of our local California Halibut.  She is a scientist with The Bay Foundation.  She got a grant to determine if FISHERMEN can supply scientists with quality data on Halibut and other species.

The result is a web site to gather the data.  And a few fishing trips to start inputting that data.  Yesterday was the first of those fishing trips.  It was with WaveWalker Charters out of Santa Barbara up in Ventura.  And we ran out to Santa Cruise island to fish some very fishy waters.  Unfortunately we were not rewarded with a good bite.  But it was a good trip.  All fishing trips with good weather and happy fishermen are a good day.

Will post photos later.

We ran out to the island of Santa Cruise and bounce balled for halibut.  Only got Bonita.  Worked a few other drifts to find a few quality Calico's.

Ran back for an afternoon drift near to Santa Barbara harbor for no luck.

Dinner and a long drive home.

Still...  would like to see many fishermen log on and use this tool

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

In Remembrance of my Dog

Jon and Jen Cascarart gave me a star named after my Winzer dog.   A nice way to remember him.

Now where is Star number 2976 0789 in Constellation Lynx?  The certificate says:

"Winzer - In Honor of Winzer, Loyal Friend, & Faithful Companion, Passionate Ball Fetcher."

I like this little thoughtful gesture.  It is heartfelt and permanent.  Another very heartfelt gesture is a neighbor that gave us a bouquet of flowers.  Followed up by Carolene saving the rose petals to do a service at sea this weekend.  It was moving for me.  I needed to find a place to let it out for my dog and my grieving over his end.  I will miss him.  I loved him. gives the star constellation a bit of meaning.  The Celestial Address of 8 hours, 1 minutes, 58.796 seconds and a declination of +41 degrees, 38 minutes, 59.69 seconds at Epoch 2000 is more technical.  But it is the address like a latitude & Longitude.  And as boring to read as the lot description on a title report.  Ha.

link to star gazing site -

I was surprised that I liked to zoom in to get closer to Winzer.

He had a good retirement with my family.  A yard.  Care and baths and good feed.  Lots of play.  He may have been a working dog with a career as a drug or bomb sniffer or maybe a rescue search dog.  I learned recently that often when they retire a working dog they do the flattening of the four canine teeth.  Winzer had that.  I often would work on learning that past.  Never figured out the past name.  Never figured out any of his past training.  But...  His desire for finding something hidden was tops.  His waggy tail was most vigorous when looking for a hidden treasure.  And the reward he likely got when he searched out the desired item was likely a tennis ball.

Winzer was tooo kind to be a police dog.  But his nose really Knows!

He had a very nice sofa bed and plenty of treats at the end.

Thank you to Brentwood VCA Animal Hospital.  Thank you to the Dogromat on Venice.  Thank you to Philip Butcher of His Masters Voice dog training.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

hard choices - Dog Gone

My dog has gone to the other side.  The most beautiful GSD I've ever known.

Hope to see him when I cross over some day.  (Many years from now)

Today I took my beloved Dog, Winzer, to the vet to have him euthanized.  Had to carry him in as he could no longer walk.  He could no longer hold up his back side enough to poop or pee.

This am I took him for a walk in his wheelchair and he tried to be upbeat.  We played ball in the living room but he would not get his backside off the cushion even to chase it one foot out of reach.  He was done.

Yesterday he had fallen in his poop and tracked it in.  I cleaned it all up and then gave him a bath on the spot.  I must have been a sight when I'm out front in shorts washing my dog.

Earlier this week I got the boys to come over to see the dog one last time.Warning them it was coming to this.  This hard decision that I had put off by buying an expensive dog wheelchair to buy time etc.  (That will be up on Craig's List shortly)

Here is a photo of Thomas giving Winzer a brushing earlier this week.

I often joked that he was Not related to the royal Wndsor's.  But to the California Winzers' ...  so that's when I'd explain the spelling...  Then it made sense to them.  Good for a laugh.

But my Winzor...  A sweetheart dog.  One of the best.  A GSD with soft heart that liked to throw his ball to someone to have it tossed.  And often picked a child or girl for this treat.  He was smart.  He knew that a kid or woman would not throw it too far!

It has been a very long time since I took him to the Airport Dog Park.  It has been a long time since I took him to the local park full of local doggies off leash.  His degenerative myelopathy was making its way up the spine and it was time to call it.  We worked through the first stages with additives.  Then medications for arthritis and pain.  Saw a specialist and tried a interesting cocktail of drugs that made him too doped up to be happy.  We backed off and back to the Rymidal alone for he still could be part of the family mentally while on it.

Lately he has not been missing out on Milk Bones.  Or Duck Treats.  Or plenty of wet can food with extra tasty bits of Cheese or Chicken added to encourage him to eat and be happy.  Even went to "The Dogromat" to pick up some frozen dog food in the raw.  Got him the Duck.  His favorite.  Got the full duck with extra hearts and gizzards and added that to his kibble.  Did work for a time.  He was old and was eating less and less.

His first photo was 6/9/2007 when I was making a Lost Dog flier that I put up on all the phone poles around our house.  I advertised with the Mar Vista Community Counsil and other locations.  Called all the pounds and told them to call me if any inquires for a full grown German Sheppard came in.  We had him checked for both brands of tracking tags.  None.  No calls.  Even two adverts in the LA Times.  By this time we were smitten with his personality and he was attached to us and stopped trying to leave the yard.

2007 -

now in 2014 - 7 years and 18 days later

And that is a lot of time...  He walked into my heart and put paw prints all over me.  Inside and out.

Rest in peace Winzer dog.  I will wish you well on your journey to the other side.  Someday when I make the crossing I hope to see you there waiting for me. We can run and play ball again then.

Several Welsh Corgis, an American Eskimo and now a German Sheppard.  All have a peace of my heart. Oh and I'll never forget my cat Chuck.  The most dog like cat I've ever known.  They all have a bit of my heart.

If there ever was a dog that could walk on water...  It is a German Sheppard.

May you all know the grace of a loving and caring pet. Big or small it helps us to be more human.

In loving memory of my Winzor Lambert - R I P

Years Ago I Made a Resolution to Listen to My Dog.

A smart dog.  A very good dog.

Keith  ^.  .^ 

PS...  Had a close encounter with a wild Coyote recently and in a way a spirit guide let me know it was okay now to make this decision to let him go to the maker of us all.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nice day for a Fathers Day Luncheon

2014 is a transitive and resetting year.  2013 was "Change" in a big way.

This year in the new home... frequently called "Casa" by me as of late.  New traditions are being formed.

This year of the boys are getting into a new groove themselves.  Ryan in an apartment in SM and Thomas in an apartment in MDR with his Mom.  Recently they both had car changes.  Ryan to a more humble but dependable one and Thomas into his first car.

I let them know that for Father's Day there was plans for a luncheon at our "Casa del Rey."  That way Carolene can cook for both her father and for me.  Making our gathering a larger family circle and celebratory in a very nice way.  A new transition to our new traditions in our new Casa.

Carolene's poppa, Daniel, is a very fun and sweet old gent.  Getting on in years his forays out to see the world are rare and can be exasperating to him.  So it is super special for Carolene to get him here to the house.  She loves him so much and misses the fun and vibrant man she adored for so many years.  Used to being a man about town and a part of the "In" crowd it is a big change for him too as his health limits him to very few dinners out per month.

Also my mom, Lillie, rounded out the party.  She has not seen enough of the Grand-kids anyhow.  And she and Daniel are a good combo at the table.

Carolene set the table three days in advance.  With a Blue theme.

The menu was selected to satisfy the two Dad's to be celebrated...  Steak. Warm spinach salad. Thrice baked potatoes. Pecan pie and home made taffy with whipped creme to take care of some sweet tooth needs too.

Elevated by Carolene's style and flair we relaxed and feasted.  What a warm blanket of caring and sharing.  I want to wrap myself in that often.

My son Ryan brought me a touching card and thoughtful gift of a few golf balls.  So we took the afternoon to take in some golf.  A nice time.  We walked and walked again.  We had many memorable shots.  Here is one on the 2nd hole.  (11th for the day as we played a second 9 racing the sun)

We both landed on the Green from 145 yards out

Two balls side by side in the center of the green

Ryan got a good read from my put attempt

The Lakes down in El Segundo is a nice little course with plenty of green grass and hillside and trees to effectively give you the feel of playing a much bigger course.  On the Long Drive bet Ryan won. I was longer but just off the fairway.  I make part of the bet include that it has to be on the short grass.  But on the second attempt at the long hole Ryan belted two awesome shots and one to the front of the green some 240 yards up a hill (2 out of 3 each).  Yup, I had to pay him again.

We had some very nice Father and Son time.  All a dad can want from Fathers Day is the chance to show off the joy of being a Dad.  Here is my Joy.  My Son Ryan.   Thomas is also a son to be very proud of.  Unfortunately he decided to not attend.  But he was with us in spirit.

He's a cancer... a bit hard shelled at times.

T-man did send me a happy fathers day wish via text message.  The preferred method of communication of his generation.

Goofy that Ryan found the Crayfish and pulled one from the pond and put it on the green.  But there you go.  Ryan is a fun loving goof like that.  We had some off the wall fun with the little creature before we let it go in a different pond.  Back when the boys we little they had a pair of crayfish in their bathroom for a year or two.  Ryan brought it home from the last day of school.  Can't send it back.  So after setting up a nice fish tank the boys had live creatures in their bathroom to check out while brushing their teeth etc.

I'm sure it has a special place in the world for them too.

Fish Wish Granted...  A nice day.

Love was shared.

Feeling good inside.

Keith   <"><

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

With Father's Day approaching - wistful moment

Just a few days from Fathers Day.

I recall the flood of emotions that I enjoyed with the birth of each of my fine sons. They are healthy and beautiful people.  Sweet examples of my family with traits that I can see going back generations.

My early years as Dad were great.  We did stuff.  I worked hard to be with them.  Building a back yard swing set and encouraging them to be strong and capable men by being good strong and outgoing boys that knew they could do stuff for themselves.  So many little things that add up over time.

The little boys are now young men.  21 and 17.  Both driving and dating and figuring out that school is for them and not for me or their mom.  Surprise!

Back to the Good-Ol'-Days 

Here is a old photo that recalls a very happy Dad memory for me.

I had engineered the slide to be on a big hinge so that we could easily lift it.  Good for putting it into the inflatable pool and giving a fun splash at the end of the slide.  This was a great day for them and for me to watch their joy and jubilance.

One of many happy times.  With luck they will pay me a visit on Fathers Day.

I had to stake that swing down hard to the ground.  They played hard.

A sample of a Happy Dad moment from 2001 I think.


Friday, June 06, 2014

Hockey, Baseball, Football soon enough? Wishin' I was Fishin'

The other night I watched as the L A Kings win the first of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Go Kings.

But the sports I prefer to watch is Football and Baseball.

This picked my interest...

I used to love going to a Dodgers Game with my boys.  At least one or two games a year.

And my boys love Star Wars a lot.  So this works for me.

Happy Friday.


So do I go fishing or do I go repair my boat?  Decisions decisions.  At least I filled my last vacancy and can go fishing or hang out on the boat and tinker.  Both have good up sides.

K   <"><

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I wish to be the man my dog thinks I am. - TBT

My Throw Back Thursday post today on FBook needs to be replicated here.  This very cool and very old quote came to mind today...   " I wish to be the man my dog thinks I am. "

This morning I was so happy that he got a full breakfast and stood there the whole time. I had to help him only a little. He is a really good dog. Loved him up and played with him this morning. 

Here is a photo of my boy back in June of 2007 when I took in this stray wandering my street and eventually became a dog owner. He has been a very happy part of our family for 6 years 11 months 13 days.

This is the one I used in my Lost Dog flier I posted on all the telephone poles around etc. Eventually the boys were attached. 

This is from one of the very few times that Winzer was upstairs in the bedrooms of our house.  (6/2009) He was coaxed up onto the bed by Thomas and I so we could get into Ryan's space and wake up the sleepy head.  Of course the real reason is that Ryan can't get mad at the dog.  No one can be anything but happy with Winzer.  He is such a sweet dog.
It worked.  He did have a happy morning that day!  Thomas is a really good one with animals of all types.  So sweet and emphatic.  Both of them actually. Ryan eventually worked at a dog day care and succeeded due in part to his training with Winzer.

And I was smitten too. He had a Ball Fixation.  Any ball was a target of a very laser like attention. He loved to pay and fetch so much.  It was/is his addiction. GSD's are great!

Good with kids.  Loving and kind with little kids.  He liked to toss the tennis ball to a new person to get a bit of play out of someone new.  His way of making friends.


Happy to have him in my life.

KL ^.  .^

PS: have found a source for a dog wheelchair and will get it this weekend.
He suffers from... Canine degenerative myelopathy.   :-(